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We are hoping to provide a daycare resource with information on daycare providers in and around the Manukau area. The daycare Manukau offers provides day care facilities for mothers, and fathers, so they can not only return to their careers but also provide stimulation and company for preschool children. Child development is a crucial part of childhood that impacts upon the rest of their lives and preschool child care is one of the places where your children will learn. Those first seven years will determine their habits and ability to learn for the rest of their lives.

So what determines a good Daycare Manukau facility and how do you find one?

1/ Vehicle Access for drop off and pick up of children.

Licensing requirements provide a good standard for daycare facilities to start with and this should provide a good safe environment for your child. Local councils have different zoning requirements for daycare Manukau centers so there may be some variation but make sure there is safe access to stop to drop off and pick up your child, especially during the busy peak traffic times.

2/ Daycare Manukau Facilities

The physical environment where your child spends his or her time must be appealing not only to you but also to them. Boys like a lot of outside space to run around in.  Check out the outdoor space and what facilities there are to climb and play. See what the older children are doing and if they allow the younger kids to fit in or if they are possessive of what may be too few facilities. You don’t want potential for child abuse from their peers. Likewise, indoors is there enough open space to easily move around and not be bothered. Are there plenty of things to do? You don’t want them bored and getting frustrated or naughty causing problems.

Manukau daycare3/ Safety Policy.

The safety policies in daycare Manukau facilities may not be an issue but there is a public health code that determines the health services that your child will need with the inevitable appearance of colds chickenpox or some issue appears and is likely to spread. You need to know that there are policies and assurances in place to deal with the issues. Again the government licensing requirements set standards for day care facilities but it pays to look for you to see the age and standard of maintenance on outdoor equipment.

4/ Staff Members.

This is the most important part of your choice of the daycare Manukau provides. The training requirements for preschool teachers has become more stringent and this is resulting in a shortage of quality early childhood care providers.  Spend some time at the daycare centre observing and talking to the staff members. Are they happy and interacting well with the children? Is it a happy place to work in? Is there cultural diversity?

The quality and cultural diversity of these preschool teachers and teacher assistants is crucial to the wellbeing of your child and how well they will be looked after. To get a really good assessment of the quality of the child care providers, spend some time with the centre owner and manager. Leadership comes from the top and you can quickly get a good assessment from the behaviour and warmth of the daycare environment by gauging the quality of the leadership.


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The best daycare Manukau has near you will be run by a warm, organised team builder who relates well with people including you and your child.

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